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Saori weaving is for everyone! Saori manufacturers offer many innovative tools and accessories to make weaving easier, more enjoyable and inclusive to all.

These tools and loom adaptations are used extensively in income producing workshops and programs for people with disabilities throughout the world. See Carmel of Studio Artes. All Saori accessories are designed to allow maximum opportunities for ease and creativity, for example the cross holder and threading holder.

Weaving is a tactile activity which allows creativity in different ways to other arts. The process provides immediate reward and rhythmical flow for the weaver. The resulting cloth ranges from the production of practical products for sale to artistic, expressivework. Depending on the type of impairment or disability of the weaver the looms can be used as is or with extras that are added to the loom as adaptations.

Wheelchair Access

The Saori 60A – Accessible loom is the most versatile option for wheelchair access as it includes a pedal beam with five height adjustments (98-110cms) which is flush to the floor for wheelchair access. This pedal beam can also be purchased as an extra for the Saori 60.

The photo at left shows the Saori CH60A loom with optional shuttle shelf installed for hand support in throwing the shuttle. The pedal beam is also available separately to add to an existing Saori 60 loom.

Other optional extras

Hand Switcher

This tool allows the weaver to raise and lower shaft without using the pedals. $31.00


Heddle frame weights assist hand operated weaving with the Hand Switcher  $65.00




Shuttle Shelf

Shelf supports movement of the shuttle from side to side for people with limited hand movement.





Boat shuttle with pegs

Shuttle fits the shuttle shelf and has a wooden stopper to prevent the shuttle falling.






Please contact Curiousweaver to discuss or inquire about your specific needs.