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Small boat shuttle: Length-24cms x width-3.5cms x depth-2cm. Uses small Saori plastic bobbins. $55.00

Medium boat shuttle : Length-34cms x width-4cms x depth– 3cms. Weight: 135g. Made to hold standard Saori plastic bobbins. $66.00

Extra large boat shuttle: Length-41.5cms x width-5cms x depth– 3.6cms. Weight: 140g. Uses extra long Saori plastic bobbins. Similar weight to Medium boat shuttle but allows up to 2.5 times more yarn on the bobbin. $102.00 

Spindleless shuttle: Beautiful and inventive shuttle design. Especially good for children as there is no spindle. Just pop the bobbin in and get weaving. Length-29cms x width-4.2cms x depth-3cms. Weight: 100g. $50.00

Sakiori / Rag weaving shuttle: Beautifully designed shuttle especially for weaving with rag/fabric strips. Allows the strips to lie flat ready for weaving so you can direct where you want any twisting to occur in the weave. See it being used. Doesn’t get caught in the weft as the conventional ski shuttle tends to. Can be used with the Sakiori cutter which cuts the fabric into strips. Also great for those outlandish art yarns you spin for weaving.

Regular Length – 43cms , distance between pins 13.5 – 40cms  $74.00  

The larger shuttle is very versatile and is an exciting extension for unique inspiration and effects in your weaves. Can be used for wider fabric strip widths and for preparing skeins of yarn for weaving for special dye techniques which will be customised to your weaving width. The pins can be adjusted to the width of the weft required and can always be removed intact because of the movable pins in the slots. A great tool to create and dye splash effects and ikat kasuri in the Saori style.   Large  Length – 55cms, distance between pins 24-52 cms. $111.00


Empty plastic bobbins to fit Saori shuttles: 15 bobbins per pack. You can’t have enough bobbins full of luscious yarn to create your weavers palette. These bobbins are also used to twist the yarn with the bobbin winder on the loom. (Yarn on bobbins not included!)
$12.00 per pack of 15 standard bobbins (fits medium shuttle) or 20 small bobbins (fits small shuttle)  or 10 extra long bobbins (for extra large shuttle).

Bobbins with flanges

The flanges allow more yarn to be wound onto the bobbin and prevents it slipping off. Useful for younger children to wind.

 $12.00 per pack of 6 bobbins.

$12.00 per pack of 5 bobbins – Extra long bobbins with flanges (for loads of yarn in the extra large shuttle)


 Saori WX60 Wheels

These little wooden wheels make the folded WX60 loom easily glide around the room.

One set contains two wheels which simply bolt into the holes already on the loom. One set (2 wheels)  are needed for a loom.

$41.00 per set (2 wheels)





windinglever2Winding Lever for WX60/SX60/WX90

This handy tool gives a better grip when winding woven work onto the cloth beam.  Has a flange which slots into the ratchet teeth on the beams to assist winding on. Easy to put on the beam and take off.  $31.00

Available for CH60 warp beam lever on special order. $112.00





Saori beater handle


Beater Handle

This handle just screws into the beater cap. As the Saori loom has a long area of warp in front of the reed for designing, the handle lessens the reach for beating the cloth.  $68.00


Extra Wire Heddles

Wire heddles with big holes are standard on all looms for easy threading. Extra heddles are available in bundles of 210. Big hole wire heddles –  $77.00 per 210 bundle.

If you are going to do finer weaving with higher setts on the loom smaller holed heddles are also available. These are finer and lighter. Small hole wire heddles – $53.00 per 210 bundle. (special order)


WX60 Height Extenders

Metal height extenders for the WX60 loom. Make your loom higher for more leg room.

5cms higher – $85.00

10cms higher – $105.00 





 New Heddle Hook

heddle hook

This is a new, improved heddle hook especially for threading the loom the Saori way with a pre-wound warp. The length is 26cms long with an 18cm metal shaft. The shaft is straight and long for threading both the reed and heddles at the same time with the same action. The hook is also larger to make it easier to catch the yarn in it.  This hook is now included in all WX60 looms. $25.00

Select photo for more detail.

Separate Bobbin Winder

This bobbin winder can be clamped to a desk or travel anywhere.  Designed for winding Saori plastic bobbins which are used with the Saori shuttles.   $168.00




Automatic Reed Denter

This tool will help you thread the reed perfectly every time without missing any dents – if this is what you want! A great tool for threading in light that is never good enough. See a video on how it is used. Further info here.

Sakiori Cutter

Sakiori or rag weaving is a great way to create new fabrics from old. Cutting  fabrics  into the strips for weaving is a time consuming job. But these new cutters prepare the strips, including the join, to make yarn.  See a video on how it is used. Read more on the general history of rag weaving throughout the world.

$220.00 with 5mm blade included.

$135.00 Optional blades (ea)   –  4mm, 5mm, 8mm,  15mm 


Clipping Tie Rod

Invented by Saori’s Kenzo Jo, the clipping tie rod allows very speedy tie up, change over and re-tie up of warps. Rod is 55 cms long and used for 60cm warps on the Saori looms. Also available in 60cm length.
Optional extra: Loom cords for Clipping rod

Comb Reed

A tool that just wants you to be creative. The comb reed allows new placement of warp threads out of their aligned position in the weave. Available in 2 dents/cms (5 dpi) and 3 dents/cm (7 dpi). 60cms wide. Get an overview of how it works! See a nice example and another of cloth produced with it.

Extra Reeds

Beautiful stainless steel reeds made in the traditional Japanese style. The 5 dents/cm (12dpi) reed is included with the SX60 loom.
2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8.5, 10 dents/cm
5, 7, 10, 12, 17, 21, 25 dents/inch
All 60cms wide


Warping Frame with Legs

Beautiful, adjustable height warping frame that also acts as a cone stand and doubling rack. Maximum warp length of 13.5 metres. Dimensions of the frame are 101cms wide x 93cms high and for the entire board with legs – 101cms wide x 145 cms to the ground. Has five height settings to get the position just right for you.
This is placed against a wall or free standing with the optional stand attachment.
Comfortable for both left and right handed users.
Warping Frame  with legs (pictured) – $392.00






Warping frame with stand

Stand for warping frame

This easel style stand is added to the warping frame to create a go anywhere, without a prop wall, comfortable warping frame.  Makes the warping frame completely free standing. The metal brace at the bottom also allows a wheelchair to wheel close into the frame. $256.00







Cross Holder

The cross holder holds the cross of the warp conveniently while you thread the reed. This can be used off the loom at a chair and table and attached to the reed race of the SAORI SX60, WX60 and SAORI CH60. This replaces cross sticks for threading the loom.



Threading Holder

This nifty tool holds the reed and shafts to make threading a breeze while sitting comfortably at a table. When complete the threaded reed and shafts are simply attached to the loom to wind on the warp. See more detail on how the threading holders are used here.

Inside Sets

An Inside Set comprises additional shafts, reed and rods allowing you completely remove a warp in progress on the loom and replace with another. Great for having more than one project going at once on the same loom or for sharing the loom but still retaining your own project. Only takes a few minutes to swap over. See how it works!


$471.00 with tie rod (All 60 Series) / $486.00 with clipping rod.  $323.00 Piccolo with tie rod / $338.00 with clipping rod. Please specify.

2 x shafts with 200 metal heddles on each (100 heddles per shaft on Piccolo)
1 x 12 dpi/5dpc (or other size) reed
Paper pipe
Tying rod with cords/ or clipping rod with cords

Kenzo’s Dividing bar and new Beaming and Threading Unit

The ultimate warping and beaming assistant for the Saori loom. Allows you to sley, thread and beam entire warps off loom and has the capacity to create pre-wound style warps for later use. The basic set up consists of Kenzo’s Dividing bar $179.00 and the tabletop beaming and threading holder $292.00. See more detail on warping methods here.  To have an independent unit that does not require the warp beam or reed cap from your loom you can also add the separate warp beam $130.00 and the Reed holder blocks $44.00. Currently a session in the studio is strongly recommended before purchase to learn the process and see it in action.

See a short video here on how the beaming process is done.


The Travelling Piccolo Loom Carry Bag Pattern

Stitch up this nifty travel bag for your Saori Piccolo loom. It really will be  the world’s most portable floor loom. This sewing pattern is now provided to any customer who purchases the Saori Piccolo loom from Curiousweaver.




Cone Winder

This little addition to the bobbin winder allows you to wind a cone of yarn! Very nifty.
Designed for SAORI yarn cones. Empty cones are available at $1.00 each.
$40.00 ea

Postage/Shipping costs are not included in any prices. Prices are inclusive of Australian GST at 10%. Please contact Curiousweaver or see how to order. Note: Prices are subject to change at any time.