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Starting with purple

Firstly a very happy and healthy new year to all my readers. A new year seems to be a time of reflection and new beginnings and it’s a good opportunity to get motivated about something entirely different.

My new studio is just about complete and it is wonderful. It is light and airy which I think helps to clear my mind when I’m working.

I’ve been weaving on one of the Saori looms which I warped up with purple and greens. The resulting cloth turned out well and I’m now shaping it into a top. It was a relaxing weave to get me in the mode for something more heavy duty on the Toika.

The Toika, as a now manual loom,  still isn’t up and balanced as I have to place a warp on it first – which is in progress. I still feel sick when I think of the high cost of the loom as a compu-dobby and now have to discard all my 24 shaft patterns and associated dreams with them.  Dreams have their issues –  I’ll look to contentment with what I have as a safer reality for 2012 and beyond.

On another note I’ll be offering the new SAORI WX60 folding loom with a great new year special discount to Australian customers in the next few days.

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