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Saori – Textile Art of the People

Elm Park Banners - Image courtesy Saori Worcester

Weaving banners is really the ultimate textile art with Saori. Weavers and community groups can work together, never have woven before, be shy, not consider themselves artists or just looking for a day doing something different. Saori Worcester in the US have produced an amazing banner project that propelled itself into supporting local school students to learning more with programs that are usually unaffordable.

The Saori Worcester Studio began with this bridge art installation at Elm Park, Worcester. Banners woven by many people and groups were featured on beautiful park bridges, providing rich colours, patterns and textures which I think are representative of differences between each weaver and their unique contribution featuring in a shared project. From this project, sponsorship of the banners allowed local school children the opportunity to learn Saori. Nat Needle from Saori Worcester Studio explains the project from its conception to its achievements featuring all the young school weavers weaving and creating at the studio.

If you look at the banners in slide view you will get a feel for the diversity of techniques and colour use in each banner.



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