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Colour and the wow factor

Creation is really about creating the wow factor isn’t it. In some way that’s what we’re after. Subtle or loudly, I want to create that hidden surprise in a textile in some form.

Lyn has just completed her second Saori weave and you can see the wow factor in the table runner is so great that it has rendered her in black and white! Woven entirely of perle cottons using the clasped weft technique she changed the pace of the weft technique from longer rounded shapes to more staccato style by the end. This is interesting because she’s a musician and didn’t intend to do it that way…it just happened because she is herself!

The red on the beginning was a bit of a start up thread but looks stunning when balanced at the other end to finish off. A beautiful example of the relaxed, original and unintended.

New on the site:

I have a very limited number of 100g cones of very soft textured silk available. Perfect for Saori work.


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