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Saori Collapse Weave

I have previously written about spindle weaves, and how useful a spindle is for preparing yarn, especially overspun, for directly weaving onto the loom. Spindles and wheels are capable of doing alot of yarn for a project. However, for just a short burst of here and there overspun collapse weave effect the Saori loom bobbin winder spindle is the best tool. You can overspin a singles straight onto the bobbin and weave with it immediately. See this Saori video on S and Z twist plying directly on the bobbin winder to see the technique. This can be done on the Saori bobbin winder because the hard plastic bobbins don’t have flanges like some bobbins in more traditional weave equipment.

I have an image of the sample with more information here.  For the z twist section I used a plyed yarn because the singles S yarn that I started with fell apart as I tried to retwist it completely the other way (to a Z twist). The S twist yarn was produced very quickly on the bobbin and created deep, elastic furrows in the cloth. The Z twist plyed yarn produced a highly textured style of cloth.

The nice part of this design for scarves and clothing is the plain weaving with normal yarn that follows these overtwist sections has a soft gathered effect. This is also the area where the full riches of Saori and 2 shaft techniques can flower.

Last week I started an Australian Saori @curiousweaver group for all interested artists, crafters, designers, artisans and yarn lovers in the textile arts. Please jump in and share your projects and thoughts and enjoy the company of other weavers.

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