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*Totally engaged* Saori Workshop

The first of my October Saori weaving workshops at the Manning Regional Art Gallery has concluded with a brilliant array of personal expressions interwoven within each textile.  The cloth shown here was woven by Jules Richardson in the most beautiful mixes of blue-greens and purples. Some of the colour mixing on the bobbins produced an iridescence, which occured in other weavers’s cloths too.

I demonstrated many techniques for all to explore hands-on with their Saori looms. We covered rhythm weaves, air weaves, texture techniques, pattern techniques, knotty textures, energised weaves and distortion techniques such as the loom modification shown in this photo. I still have one place left for the second workshop next week, if you are quick!

Teaching weaving and Saori is so rewarding and I want to thank all of the participants for continuing to inspire me not only with their ideas and energy within the workshop but for their company over the two days. Special thanks also to the Manning Regional Art Gallery for their commitment to the arts of our town and their assistance and support in helping to build rich and connected communities.

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