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Celtic Knotwork for Textiles

When I was on holiday I wasn’t
motivated to write much in the way of a travel diary, it took all my brain
to just take in the sights.

However I did manage to doodle and draw some of my own celtic knots based
on all the beautiful decorative stonework in Scotland and Ireland. The
craft of stonemasonery in these countries have a wonderful past and continuing
tradition.My free, asymetrical design captured how I perceived Ireland.
Although I was only there for a few days it seems a place which is ‘re-knotting’
itself into something new and perhaps unknown. Ireland’s past history and meaning
trying to be seen through the maze of new development and building.

So when I came across Sara Lamb’s celtic knotwork pickup pattern suitable
for an inkle loom I was keen to get going on it. I’m using 20/2 silk doubled
for the ground weave set up and multiple strands of fine space dyed rayon
for each of the 12 pattern threads which need to be much thicker than
the ground threads. It’s coming along well. I’ve included a PDF file on
the threading configuration I used for Sara’s pattern. If you set up the
inkle loom like this you can see that the first pattern row will start
with an UP shed. This makes the pick up and push down of the pattern threads
on each row of the design minimal and works with the threading rather
than against it. [See Sara’s description] Also see Tracy DeGarmo’s site
for a pattern.

I’d like to thank Sara for her wonderful weaving blog, it really encourages
me to get weaving. Next on the loom I’m finishing those bookmarks, and
staring a new painted warp for some woven shibori while knitting scarves.
This is the one I’m doing at the moment.


Celtic decoration at Jerpoint Abbey Ireland
My perception of Ireland today
Getting started on the Inkle loom
The beautiful celtic knot pick up design
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  1. Your Celtic inkle band is lovely. Beautiful colors, beautifully woven.

    June 28, 2006
  2. I love the Celtic pick up band. The colors really pop!

    July 1, 2006
  3. Kit #

    Thank you! I’ve been meaning to try this pattern and technique but wanted to see a finished product first – your band is beautiful!

    December 29, 2006
  4. Very nice work! I am impressed with your skills. Have you ever tried a Swedish style band loom to do this work? A friend of mine has just acquired one of these.

    January 4, 2010
  5. anthony #

    your work is beautiful,im taking art in school and recently got a loom… are their instructions to doing this wonderful pattern?

    April 12, 2010

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