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Seaweed weaves

The intense heat of the summer is here. Luckily Old Bar beach has some watery relief and I’ve taken to weaving seaweed mixes on the loom. It is uncommon to get alot of seaweed on our beach due to it’s open nature with no coves or bays for seaweed to hide in. But we do see it and its many organic shapes and textures are always waiting for textile¬†interpretation.

In the textile here I painted a tencel warp and happened to cut some of the ends off in the beaming process so they became the stringy ‘seaweed’ lines. As I was weaving I kept placing bits within a row of weaving here and there. It may not be the most secure artistry I’ve every done but when I wear it I’m quite happy to accept that some of the weed may shed and degrade. Then I can do something stitchy over it.

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