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Still being a back to front girl

I’m happy to say that the colours are appearing again and my Toika loom is warped, threaded and tied up ready for an 8 shaft woven shibori affair. The warp is 13 metres long and I wonder if that will be too long for me on this loom at the moment but it is done.

I experimented with warping from front to back like the Saori looms prefer instead of my old traditional back to front technique. However I’ve found some issues which don’t work for me as well on the bigger loom. Some of these are just a change of habit, and although the warp beamed nicely with the reed and heddles already threaded I’ll remain a back to front girl for the Toika.

This newest batch of weaves has been mirrored by my Weaver to Weaver mails, the second which brought me a lovely colourful reminder of why I love colour from Jo at Knit One Weave One  in Cornwall, UK.

Jo send a mix of glitz, forms, yarns and shapes in colour – colour-  colour. How delightful. I’m sure this type of project will keep the world’s postal service going thanks to Meg’s great networking ideas. Thanks Jo..and Meg!

Colour and even a lack of colour has been with me the last few weeks. Working in my studio producing colourful warps was ‘balanced’ by painting 17 doors (including cupboards) in my house with Australia’s favourite colour.  Can you believe it – Australia’s favourite colour is basically WHITE. Which isn’t a colour at all, is boring and doesn’t even exist as a dye. If you can’t beat them, join them? I surrender. My doors are now white…



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  1. Not Spanish White, surely?????

    January 30, 2013
  2. I thought you would have painted them purple!? Glad to see the Toika in use. I think that I can only warp back to front on KaTe, too.

    January 30, 2013
  3. White doors? I loved your coloured doors!

    February 7, 2013

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