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Studio energy

Recently a family of yarn lovers filled my studio and you can see the colours they added to it. Immi was happy on the little Piccolo loom.

I’m enjoying my Piccolo a lot more than I thought I would. It is the ultimate portable floor loom,  weighing just 7kg  I can set up anywhere and take it anywhere. Having the adjustable height also allows me to share it with very young children, teaching them floor loom weaving straight up. I grandly imagine that it’s an investment in the future of textiles in Australia. I have lots of grand ideas like that, and it’s a great strategy to justify all sorts of spending investments!

The workshop day was filled with texture and handspun too, as Wooldancer and her daughters filled the studio.

Here is Michelle with her completed work which became this. The art spun yarns just magically work with the Saori approach in weave. They really have a deep expression of uniqueness in the work.

Private and group workshops are offered regularly at Curiousweaver Studio in Old Bar. For inquiries please contact Kaz Madigan

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