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Where did you get that scarf from?

I’ll be facilitating a 2 day Saori workshop at the Manning Regional Art Gallery, Taree on Friday 5 April and Saturday 6 April. Everything supplied  and you get to weave on a beautiful Saori floor loom, just immersing yourself in pattern, design, colour and texture for two relaxing days. See here for more information or contact me  directly. Sorry this workshop has been cancelled. More workshops are being organised for August 2013.

I’ve included a photo of Kerryn here because she had never woven before, hardly knew what it was and has never shown particular interest in yarn arts previously. At Christmas she sat down at a Saori loom at her mother-in-laws home and just wove. She wove and wove constantly for two full days completing two magnificent scarves. They really were beautifully woven and designed in every way.  It was easy to just sit down and weave because the loom was all ready to go and nothing had to be learnt or remembered before the creating begun. Just straight into it. Kerryn was thrilled and couldn’t wait until her friends or colleagues asked “Where did you get that scarf from?“.

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