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I will knit socks

I think Wendy’s toe up sock pattern is the answer to my previous sock phobia.
I have tried so many types of patterns but never quite getting there….never completing even one sock.
I knew I wanted to use a toe-up style as I like the way you can try it on as you go. But the best feature of Wendy’s pattern is the way the heel is turned using short rows and knitting it in situ rather than picking up stitches later on.
The other thing I like is using 2 circular needles instead of dpns [double pointed needles]. Knitting just progresses in a more efficient way.
I have this belief that once I finish a complete pair of socks, other socks will come easier, as they aren’t difficult but seem to loom large in the mind. Turning heels and knitting toes seem very mysterious at first.
Next will be Jaywalkers and Pomatomus socks.
Getting there with the Sock
The heel completed with short rows
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