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Leftover texture works

Lately I’ve collected a heap of filled bobbins from workshops and I need to weave them down into cloth. As they are all colour sorted I started at the white end. I NEVER weave with just white. I just have a thing about it. But here you go….and I love it. The next colour is almost white followed by almost yellow , so they’ll get the same treatment. Experimental treatment with leftovers encourages… well… experiments. Leftovers have much more to teach me than the gathering of yarns for a project that I have in mind when I sit at the loom.

Sometimes weavers in my studio only come for a couple of hours to sample weaving. I’ve got a whole range of mini canvases to use for small hangings and they look fabulous, especially when collected in a grouping on a wall. The leftover project is perfect for these small canvases.


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