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Saori Snippit

Making clothes from your own woven cloth is the most amazing feeling. This week Dianne completed her first garment from a coloured pre-wound warp. The teal warp became infused with lavender purples, corals and greys to make a totally unique and beautifully draping top.

It took about 2 hours to cut into and stitch up but this snippit is the only ‘waste’ if you could call it that. It has become a pretty photographic Saori snippit. The garment is no 7 on page 25 of theĀ Fuku no Katachi ni Suru book. In some areas we cut before securing which seems a bit risky but sometimes it is easier to do especially when all edges are going to be turned under as a hem.

Dianne still has another 2.5 metres left on the loom to weave off and this time the colours will be all teal as she is blending similar colours to the warp within the weave. One 6 metre pre-wound warp goes a long way weaving this way.


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