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2014 ~ Double good weaving and textile discoveries

“Wishing all a very happy and healthful new year – meeting new warps and wefts entangled with other unexpected happenings in weave.”
With 2014 in mind I finally completed my double weave on the Saori 4 shaft loom. That’s my one resolution over with none to follow!

There is something magical about double weave and if this is the only reason  I use the 4 shafts on my Saori loom it’s worth it. Double weave is about pattern weaving but it is better known for its ability to create two cloths at once – one on the bottom and one on the top. These two cloths can be separate,  joined at one side to create a doubled width making your skinny loom work wider or it can be joined at both sides to create a tube like I did. I ramped up the sett to 24 epi or 10 dpc to allow for the two cloths to be woven on top of each other. Using two shuttles with different colours I created a different look on each side. My inspiration and renewed motivation for the weave came from two old monographs found in a book sale – One was Basic Double Weave Theory by Sara Farrar, published by Robin & Russ Handweavers in 1985. It is typed modest publication and maps out layered, extra wide, tubes and pockets in double weave in a way that books today don’t seem to. It is an information rich gem.

The scarf finished beautifully and has a lightness that you wouldn’t credit with two layers. I used linen and silk and finished off with some thread flowers. A special start to 2014.

There is a lot happening in the Studio and beyond with textile creation and tuition this year and updates will be posted here and in my newsletter.

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  1. That is beautiful, Kaz! I love double weave too.

    January 11, 2014

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