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Interluding with jute

I love jute!

And because of this I weakened to buying lots of jute when Saori Japan offered it. I haven’t seen jute since the macrame days and its only a matter of time before macrame knotting is back with a fresh twist. I’m saving up my dreadful macrame project books just in case. This jute is from Bangladesh and it is beautiful. I just leave the cones lying around in the lounge room hoping someone will ask why they are sitting there…but they never do.

Jute’s not really for clothing unless you’re into hair shirt penance. It would be perfect for that. It’s really for interior fabric uses that need that organic and sensual roughness. ┬áNice to weave with but interesting to crochet with I’ve used this dishcloth pattern to create these lacy flowers. Not dishcloths but coaster type objects.

The open lacy effects and cast shadow of the yarn in the crochet are good for creating framed textile work. Meredith Woolnough has the best way I’ve seen of dealing with textile framing of delicate or lacy pieces of work. Next on my long to do list.

It’s back to the loom after this relaxed crochety flirtation.

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  1. Happy New Year ! I love Jute too, thanks for the inspiration as always.

    January 16, 2014

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