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Can your loom Spin?

Can it be that your loom can spin! Well, yes it seems a Saori loom can. Ok it’s not your sit down and chill out type of rhythmical spinning but it quickly spins a yarn straight onto your bobbin to weave immediately. This means getting to create a weave textile when you’re dreaming of yarns you could make but never get round to.

I can’t get over the ingenuity of this little loom. All of these things are available and known about but not all on the same loom as such a refined tool. It’s also obvious (once you realise) that a bobbin winder can function as a spindle but I didn’t think of it in this context. Yes your loom can spin.

Kenzo Jo from Saori is responsible for these developments on the loom and I think this and many more features and uses for the loom are a real tribute to his inventivness.

So now I don’t have to dream about spinning that unique yarn – I can just do it right on the loom.

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