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Sew Saori

I’m now wearing my first Saori garment after my Saori Japan visit.
It’s a simple constructed ‘shrug’ style created from an approx. 260cm x 40 cm length which I stitched into a circle leaving one of the fringes on the outside, then stitched along one length leaving room for ‘armholes’.

I’m so happy with it, and I particularly like how the felted ball fringing turned out. I bought the felted balls in Melbourne here, then stitched them to the ends of the twisted fringe. The fringing shows at the front near my shoulder and half way down the back of the garment. And yes, it’s asymetrical.

Fringing always appeals to me along with pom poms. They seem to dance with the movement of the body and are fun to look at when you’re sitting at work looking at a very crowded, busy and attacking computer screen. They remind me that I don’t have to be a serious person and fun, pretty fringing always exists.

Ready to wear
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  1. That looks fabulous!

    January 23, 2011

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