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Better than a Pool?

We love Saori weavingJanuary is a busy family time for me. It’s one of the few and mostly only time I get alot of visitors in the year and I love it. All my little people (and not so little people) come and guess what – my Saori looms get a better workout than a pool!

I’ve always wanted a pool but it just hasn’t happened. When I got serious a couple of years ago and checked out the prices they were about five times more than I thought they would cost.  Much better value to have some looms!

The great thing about having little visitors periodically is seeing their skill development  and motivation for weaving.My oldest niece, Darby, is now 11 years old and was keen to wind a warp with pretty colours. She very easily wound and threaded the 3 metre warp then wove it up in a few hours. She instantly picked up on the warping technique with 5 colours at a time! Her productivity, although totally irrelevant, also increased as she completed a Saori weave and Inkle band bag too.

Saori bag

Saori weave and inkle band bag

My little 20 month grand daughter was getting into it all on the Piccolo using it as a standing loom and beating, really beating, every row with purply pink sliver.  My step grand daughter, Ella, progressed amazingly to make a scarf for her mother. It’s all so exciting creating woven textiles. Handweaving offers an endless exploration of techniques and interaction. It never wears off.

2 year old weaving

My little weaver apprentice

enjoying saori

Ella delighting us with Saori ideas

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  1. Gail Ellis #

    Just love the photos Kaz. Looking forward to the workshop in March. I had a wonderful time at Sturt Summer school- I will bring my samples to show you.

    January 20, 2015
  2. Looms are safer too 😘
    Enjoy all the visiting weavers!

    February 6, 2015
  3. Wonderful to see young creators at work – glad you had a lovely time with your family Kaz x

    February 21, 2015

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