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The Start of Winter Weaving

Another great workshop completed last weekend and I was especially impressed with the ideas of the participants, including two who had been to the studio previously. Each participant came with such interesting life backgrounds and experiences which I think they imparted  directly in their woven cloth. The cloth photographed here is by Caroline.

Donni studied double weave on her 4 shaft Saori loom. Double weave is a most magical weave structure. How can two layers, or more, weave at the same time! The sample was based on the book by Jennifer Moore Doubleweave (The Weaver’s Studio). It is a great book, but check out the errata before you start. Also the Saori four shaft loom is a sinking shed loom not a jack or rising loom which most publications have their weaving drafts written for. Here is the threading that Jennifer uses with the transposed tie up for a Saori loom.

Saori tie up double weave

The other weavers experimented with lots of techniques including the Saori WWW one which is always a mega quick way to create a unique woven accessory to wear just before you are walking out the door. Dominique came along and showed us just what the Saori loom can do in creating very large lengths of cloth as a bedspread woven on the 300 thread pre-wound warp which is 60 cms wide and joined to make a lively cloth.  Shirley also did an extraordinary piece on the Piccolo and joined the pieces for a blanket with impeccable drape to it.  The Saori looms are capable of doing very large pieces of fabric in this way, including the small Piccolo!


three colour clasped weft weave

Four colour clasped weft shadow effect and three colour clasped weft

We had particular fun with the clasped weft technique, the three thread one being the most challenging to master but  worth it because it is the most versatile for weaving dynamic patterns.

A special and hearty, warm thank you to Donni, Shirley, Caroline and Wendy for providing me with such motivation and encouragement to enjoy life and weaving! Weaving makes all the difference, and shared with others doubly so.

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  1. The Piccolo piece looks really interesting. Do you know what the cloth is going to become?

    August 17, 2015

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