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Weave a Saori Inspired Cloth

Saori textileFinally today my article in Down Under Textiles has been published! “Weave a Saori inspired cloth” This is the forerunner of a regular column  I will be writing which explores textiles and in particular woven works. I’ll be looking at how to begin and continue weave textile journeys, new ideas on the horizons and established traditional ideas and techniques that continue to inspire and work for us.

Although I’m always a fan of web publishing and the tools it offers there is still something tactile and keepworthy with print. It’s more difficult to offer links and knowledge trajectories to others but has an authority and intimate focus that the web still struggles with. I’m delighted to write for Down Under Textiles.

Down Under Textiles 21I was allocated a six page spread which is leaves plenty of room for images and inspiration. In the article I overview some simple freeform weave starters aimed at producing a drapeable cloth but they could also be used to create an interior wall hanging on a frame style loom.

The magazine is available now.

New Saori Weaving Workshop 2016

Also I’m slowly starting to offer new workshop opportunities for 2016. The first one on the road is at Braidwood NSW in March, and is hosted by Galifrey Textiles.  See here  and Galifrey Textiles for more details.

Article layout

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