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Flourish on the Edges

Weavers eventually want to break the grid formation and the Saori loom development combined with Kenzo Jo’s creative tinkering is all over this frill weaving variant on the selvedge. It is a complete ‘hack’ which quickly creates the most beautifully textured frills. Frills that are woven with the main weave so they are connected to the cloth not stitch on after weaving. To create frill you need the ability to adapt and change the tension markedly to the main woven cloth. You don’t (necessarily) need extra warp beams and carry on. Just add the extra frill threads directly onto the side, weight the threads separately to the rest of the weave and create.

A frill on the woven edge

tensioning the frill warp

Frill tensioning ‘hack’

This work is woven by my current intensive Saori student Dominique. It took about 20 minutes to set up (with both  of us working to thread it) and voila! The warp threads rivered at the edge of the frill which added to its movement.  The weave takes some patience and getting up and down to adjust the bulldog clip tensioning device but it is so totally worth it.
In weaving, once you understand the principle of how changes in the warp can work creative moves you can use the concept on any loom. It’s more a matter of dispelling fear as you think of things then have a go.  I haven’t seen this type of work on frame and tapestry work but it would work with the right tinker job.

Dominique did a beautiful job of the frill!

weaving the frill

Weaving the frill



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  1. Barb Johnson #

    Thank you for sharing this Dominique and Kaz! I remember you, Kaz telling us about this and seeing it on a finished garment. The photos and explanation makes it easy to understand……think I’ll give a go 😉
    Love the colours your using together, too, Dominique….beautiful!

    October 23, 2015

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