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Getting beyond at Sturt Winter School 2016

weaving with handspun

Ciara’s handspuns into Saori inspired cloth

Off and away again at Sturt Winter School just keeps getting better. This year we were in a larger room within the Frensham Girls school rather than the traditional, once was a, weavers studio in the Craft centre. It seems a long time since I’ve posted up new pics but I seem to have been almost too busy getting around with the loom-mobile.

We had a lot of things going on at the same time mainly because it was my third year at Sturt and the thirst for more has arrived. A couple of participants wound their own warps in their own colourways and one then continued to warp the loom and weave off the 6 metres.  I had a handpainted warp that was in good hands and also woven off with another 6 metres.  We had an avid handspinner working her magic on the loom and a sakiori and boro lover who stitched a fantastic boro style vest with her cloth.  Another weaver wove and stitched a shrug style garment along with some tableware and several others delved into exquisite technique use and sensitive colour palettes to create remarkable cloth.  One weaver planned a wallhanging based on a beach ocean theme and wove 2.5 metres of intensive design. This was on a white warp which gives a different palette background and worked really well. Quite an extraordinary week with immense output in both fabric length and beauty. The five days really gives you time to plunge into the weaving process and step further than a shorter course. Once again I can’t thank the nine participants enough for sharing the week with me. Your generosity and creativity goes a long way for me!

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