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Creating cloth and filming cloth making

Filming cloth making

Filming cloth making

I know all of my posts are about cloth and this one won’t be any different. I’ve written before about my luck in the humans coming to my studio, and what I learn from them. Here Mark is filming the weaving process and I’m grateful to him for sharing his expertise and skills.

Here you’ll see two videos which show how a weaver works when they come to the studio. Although it is a time lapse it shows the very organic nature of how we work with the warp threads and how we just ‘paint’ or way to the creation of cloth.


Sometimes photographing textiles is more fun than weaving them! In the second video you’ll also see some white paper sitting underneath the reed within the beater. This helps if the black warp threads are playing tricks on the eyes and makes some types of weaving difficult. I also put white paper on the floor which helps sometimes too.

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