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People need people…and looms

Organic weave

An organic woven cloth with elements of ‘life’ by Laura

Over the past few months I’ve offered special Saori intro sessions and greeted many new weavers in private workshops. With the new year approaching I feel like it’s a good time to wrap up 2016 and get onto the 2017. There is always a hopeful, new start feel to the new year.

I see life running through the weaving of my customers and visitors to the studio. In some small (or big) way, weaving and craft provides, at the very least, a meaningful, productive distraction or a boost to our energy and confidence. Either way it’s enjoyable.


Finishing the cloth

Here are some photos of weaving happiness over the last few weeks.


Helen’s weave


Robyn’s weave


Robyn’s weave

Happy Christmas and a happy new year to all.I hope to welcome many more weave lovers to the studio in 2017.


Designing directly on the loom


Roslyn’s weave


Laura’s weave


Dominique’s wave weaving

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