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You’ll notice the hashtag # in the header. It means ‘alert’ to humans and ‘sort’ and ‘curate’ to the bots, all in one little hash.  Even though the trend in writing everywhere is to to shorten everything, leading to confusion at times, IMHO. We’ve now come to saying the word ‘hashtag’ before announcing something either comedic or ironic but always more seriously in written form on social media. And yes, #Iloveweaving so a totally valid hashtag use. Check it out on Instagram.

Freya's weaving

Jo and Freya in the studio

‘Teaching’ others to share my lifelong love of the interlacing of threads is another huge, #megabeyondhuge, indulgence and privilege for me. In the studio, I and I hope others can have just that brief space to think about cloth and its creation, how its human history of making, using and experience is part of us and we can participate, dabble or run in its journey onwards, still.   A brief space to connect, feel connected and not cast afloat as many of us feel in our daily lives. I know this is a theme of weaving everywhere, like music, it can really sustain a person creatively.

As I add to the Australian textile historic links I’ve found lots of older photos in the archives of state libraries which make me wonder about the people pictured. Their situations, what happened to them, why they were there that particular day etc.  These black and white and sepia photos always look mysterious. They make you look deeper into the photo rather than accepting the image so quickly.  You’ll see here a little experiment where, at a click of a mouse, the software bots and algorithms in Photoshop turned the image into the past with sepia and it too creates a little world of wonder like the old photos in the archives. Somehow cementing its authority of the moment.

Curiousweaver Studio

A photo now

Curiousweaver studio

A photo floating into the past

The day when Jo and Freya came had us warping, weaving and keeping cool in the heat.  Jo also took home a lovely wall drape in the WWW technique. We can’t get enough of that.

WWW weaveI’ve got lots of private workshops in the next few months and activity in the studio. I’m out and about in Newcastle and Taree. Please come and say hello. I also have a new weekend workshop at Curiousweaver Studio open for bookings and some places left on 17/18 June, 2017. June is a glorious time to visit Old Bar beach.



Eve, 1942-2017. Much loved. Greatly missed.

I haven’t been posting as regularly as I would like to due to many life things as we all have. One is the death of my dear Aunty Evelyn. Although I’m not one to really be personal, especially online, I did want to have something of her here. She was a total inspiration to me right to her last hour. So kind, polite and courteous to everyone despite her great and understated suffering. Everytime someone dies a little light goes out, and although we hope new little lights come along they won’t be the same ones and there is still the pain of loss.

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