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Warp wise shibori

warp shibori in progress after dyeing

Warp shibori on the loom

Warp shibori piece with stitches removed after dyeing

another shibori piece which shows holes where the stitcher threads were woven across before they were removed

I’ve been working on a woven warp shibori on my Toika loom inspired by Kay Faulkner’s work with the warp. This is also called called taiten in Japan, I think. For the first time I’ve used a fishing line for the shibori stitching on the loom. I normally find this difficult to work with in weft shibori but the warp shibori seemed rather easy to work with. The long woven piece pulled up into a much more compact one when the fishing line stitches were pulled up tightly. This piece is also much thicker than I usually work with…a 5/2 mercerised cotton. I wanted to see how the thicker threads behaved, as Kay has done, and I think this made the use of the fishing line more effective as much finer work is more difficult to pleat up.

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  1. Gene Black #

    So are you just weaving with all white and then dyeing it?

    June 27, 2017

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