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Out and about

Jan and Sophie – Saori models

Sometimes I’m out and about with my looms and this date was a great weekend full of new and more experienced weavers, working away at the looms.  It was the 2nd time or even 4th time for one weaver who worked on a pink woollen warp after several of the  black variety. The coloured warps require more thought about colour choice and you have to work with the warp like an undertone to a painting. Jan chose the beautiful Malbringo knitting wool in rusts, orange and pinks. This totally kicked up the pink in a rich way.

There was much meterage woven this weekend as it was a family and friends group. That’s a formula –  Relaxation = confidence to have a go, and trusting others to not be critical of your creative intention. This weekend I seemed very upclose to the lives of everyone there. I saw how their hands and minds worked with those threads and learnt about their experiences and hopes which were entwined into the cloth.  Super special thank you to Cate and Mark for their generous hospitality, and the weavers, Sophie, Jan, Sara, Debbie and Cathy.

Postcard of weaves from a workshop

It’s been a full and interesting week this one. It started with a poor blue tongued lizard in the middle of Old Bar Road, trying to cross, I guess.  

But all the cars were avoiding the possibility of ending it’s precious life. Not something you see every day!  Then Fairfax media came to visit and film in the studio.  I suspect there won’t be a sequel or prequel but the film will be full of action…weaving action. I also had a visit from the Local weavers group and then playing music inbetween. But a most unexpected delight was artist and sculptor Michelle Pressley doing my portrait! I didn’t even have to sit for it as she just conjured it up – and what a likeness. It was part of the Manning Regional Art Gallery Wall Project. Please don’t think that standing on another’s head is my thing either literally or metaphorically but I do recognise, and acknowledge that I learn so much from others so maybe that it what it is about! Thanks Michelle.

Painting by Michelle Pressley – Artist and sculptor of the Manning Valley.









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