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Being a beginner…it goes on and on

Down under textiles 29

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The latest edition of Down Under Textiles has just been published!  My column is  ‘Being a beginner’. In Saori weaving I meet alot of these people and in fact, I’m one too in many ways and in many things.

Beginners can be afraid and tentative, but more commonly they are more in a discovery mode when they come to the studio. We can usually fix mistakes or make the most of them, or even let them guide us into something interesting. So there are no worries.  

With Saori beginners in mind I have also produced five short videos on how to warp the loom with a pre-wound warp. This is a step by step on how to do it directly on the loom.  It is only available to customers who have purchased any Saori loom from me. To gain access please email for the password.


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