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A hot Spring workshop

Woven clothWith temperatures of 30 degrees this weekend the early Spring Saori September workshop was hot.  And so were the weavers with their work! A delightful, sunny weekend with a group of creative weavers sadly had to come to end.  Two days doesn’t seem enough somehow. We only just got started.  When it’s all new it can take a little while to settle in and feel your way into what you want to weave and how. Even now when I start a cloth I tend to wander off here and there until I really lock down into the piece.

The light was a bit better for photos this weekend as the winter months, with the sun lower in the sky,  weren’t so successful. Colour featured strongly this weekend and I sometimes suspect that the coming weather sparked it off.  

When I start everyone off weaving they usually immediately execute the first design feature in Saori weaving – the oops technique.  So I don’t have to show anyone that particular process.

A great start to the warm up to Summer! 

Weaving finished


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