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Getting your feet on the ground

The annual fire hydrant test in Shirawa-go.

Japan has the most majestic scenery.  Up to about 70% of its land is mountainous and natural. So even though there are large populations in the flatter areas where the cities are…the rest is breathtaking.  Seeing the natural scenery in Japan adds to our adventure because the Japanese, even citified people, have a constant reference to this. It’s always pretty life affirming that nature and commanding vistas seem to connect humans. Whoever we are we are united when we see these sights. We’re all enthralled with it – it is part of us. 

At the UNESCO town of Shirakawa-go we were very lucky indeed to see the annual fire hydrant test over the whole village.  The fire hydrants added to the spectacular, unique view but it was the misty, autumn leaved valley of the village which really produced the stunning event.  Atop the mountain we heard the sirens commence around 8am, then one by one the hydrants went off. Spraying high over the village it really was a wonderful sight.

Elsewhere we travelled through many mountains, over mighty rivers, saw the velvety gloss of the Sea of Japan then back to the cityscapes. How lucky we are to be able to travel and see other lands, other landscapes and other ways of being.  I don’t find travel easy, and I love being in my own natural paradise in Australia.  But travel can move the heart to see and understand more about our world. At least it has for me and I appreciate the opportunity it gives me.

So there is much more than textiles in Japan!


The bridge to Heaven – Amanohashidate

Cable car at Miyazu

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