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Saori pattern cutting

Woven garmentI’ve just finished the garment that Masako designed with my fabric in Japan.  There were a couple of moments with it. For one, a double row of fast machine stitching which had to be unpicked on the open weave piece of the garment without cutting the warp or weft threads.  Unpicking can be difficult but I managed it.  Luck in the wind.  I really like the neckline on this piece and the uneven ‘godet’ style slices that form the sides.  When you cut an angled piece from the fabric the bias side will be longer than the straight edge. Masako recommended attaching that edge to the front rather than the back.  The front can do with more flexibility and movement. It’s tricks like these, from experience with how Saori cloth drapes, that are invaluable.

You will notice some small pieces of knop yarn in the front. These were spun on the Saori loom bobbin winder by Terri Bibby from Saori Salt Spring in Canada when I met her in Japan.  I am just so wildly keen on this sort of ‘input’!  Some of my clothing has weaving from the little people in my life in it and also other weavers. It’s a good way to remember  people. This top has to have that Canadian hint in it.

Yes! you can let others weave on the piece you are working on. It breaks down the coveted ownership that we have, at times, over what we create. So get weaving some cloth and ask some little people to do a few rows too.

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