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Childs play

Weaving can be child’s play, for both children and adults. It’s the time of year where my little people converge in my studio to play with all things weaving, art and pasting.  I don’t have much courage with glitter but maybe tomorrow.

This is a woven piece, almost accidentally woven together by my 4.7 year old grand daughter.  The pink roving got her going and the fluro pink kept her there. I purposely sought out a pack of fluros for her because the colours are so instantly appealing to young eyes. 

I’d like to do a bit of food colour dyeing on the corridale wool too. One great thing about the grandma job is the time to play with children. As a mum I didn’t experience time in the same way and was just too busy with everyday needs for my children. I’m sure that isn’t everyone’s experience and I can see that most mums can juggle everything today, including earning good incomes,  but I couldn’t.  Hopefully my grandma moments can fulfill some of this. And having lots of looms helps alot!

I hope all my readers have a wonderful 2018, full of the utter joy that Saori weaving and handweaving in general brings us. Saori weaving is growing and there is a real community of us out there. My weaving is temporarily stalled by the fluro pink slivers around the studio but I like looking at others weaving just as much as doing it myself.

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