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In the News…Studio Spaces of the Manning

Video is courtesy of Manning River Times

I’m thrilled that this  video of Curiousweaver Studio has just been published.  This is part of a joint project with Fairfax and Manning Regional Gallery on the Studio Spaces of the Manning Valley. I join other artists and studio owners from a broad range of disciplines talking about their craft/art or studio set up. This project culminates in a joint exhibition at the Manning Regional Art Gallery from 4 April, 2018.

I think there is a renewed interest in studios and work spaces as it seems there is a retreat to this way of working and teaching our crafts for a number of reasons. Not least that humans are wanting to explore their humanness in the context of creative work. I’m currently reading Technology vs Humanity by Gerd Leonhard. Yes, the robots are coming! But the author does ask the question about what exactly it is to be human. An eternal pondering. The German word dasein is used to describe a human essence, the soul may be a description in religious traditions, and Misao Jo used the word Kansei.  A good place to start from a Japanese perspective is The book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzo.  I’m hopeful that this question will again become increasingly important and discussed as we move, rather quickly, into a new disruption of our skills, our place in the world and why we differ from an algorithm. This project contributes to that interest and it started here in Taree, Australia!?

Studio Spaces exhibition celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Manning Regional Art Gallery.  4 April – 13 May 2018. See more.

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  1. Meg #

    I can’t watch the video at the moment but look forward to seeing moving/speaking Kaz. A beautiful studio, though, always.

    January 24, 2018
  2. Giuliana Bond #

    Loved seeing your studio even though I’m nearly 4000 Km away!


    January 31, 2018
  3. Thanks Giuliana. The magic of the Interwebs is good for some things!

    February 2, 2018

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