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The warping is slow going but rewarding as I like the look of it. It’s really important to weave with colours and designs that you just like.

You can see some of the ikat warp in the photo. The maroon with the white blocks on it.

I’ve found that the first ikat dilemma is the weaving technique itself. When you weave a balanced weave the weft colour intermingles with the warp effectively toning down or even destroying the bright sharp look of the warp. This may be what you want, but there are ways to enhance the warp colour. This is mainly done by weaving a warp faced fabric where the weft will have little colour influence on the textile.The down side of this approach is the possible stiffness of the fabric lacking drape needed for clothing or scarves. Using a much finer weft will help but I’ve found that warp faced weaving structures such as warp satin or false satin will retain both drape and warp colours.

I’ve been asked to do an ikat workshop next year (2008) for the Online Weavers, Spinners and Dyers which will be fun. Hopefully I can document some of it on my blog. But if you’re interested in fibre it’s a good group to join for workshops and information.

The warp coming through
Evocative lighting on warp!
Lost for words….
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  1. Hi Kaz,
    Is it my imagination or do you mount your raddle on the back bar with the lease sticks in front? I do it the other way around. The tangled warp passes through the raddle first and then the lease sticks. I guess it doesn’t make any difference since your ikat is so wonderful. I always just use a plain weave, but I am inspired to try a satin weave the next time I have a silk ikat on the loom. As soon as I get settled I plan to join Online Weavers. It sounds like fun.

    How long is this warp?

    July 29, 2007
  2. Hi Bonnie,
    I warp from the front to the back, so the tangled warp passes through the lease sticks first then the raddle. This warp is only 5.5 metres long. I find this length more manageable for this kind of work. Kaz.

    July 29, 2007
  3. I’m delighted to hear you’re going to do an ikat workshop for the OLG! I’m looking forward to it already.

    July 30, 2007
  4. Kaz,

    Amazing how similar and yet different our work is. I love sampling at the end and find by the time I reach the end of a warp my thoughts have gelled and I have a new idea, most work and I think for me it is freeing to know that it would be wasted otherwise.

    Want to try loom shibori next and will certainly try to sign up for the workshop – I work full time so sometimes the workshops are when I am working at teaching full time and teaching weaving part time – does not leave much time for me.

    Thanks for your comments, great blog.


    August 10, 2007

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