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When silk meets ramie

Silk and raime saori clothRamie and silk wovenI’ve just finished some wraps with intermittent warp kasuri on a hand painted silk warp and mostly natural dyed ramie. The natural dyes are Sumi, Persimmon and Bengara. In some ways its a piece which I am most pleased with because it ticks a few boxes of what I have wanted to achieve. Firstly I wanted a light yet crisp fabric, which is better for the climate here than wool. I also wanted a natural and muted blend of unexpected shades throughout the whole piece which worked well using the naturally dyed ramie. The whole weave is very Saori  using what reminds me of Klee like shapes yet also  the placement of the beach stones in strong wind or embedding with the tides. Pretty fancy inspiration collection! Well no. I just think about whatever at the time and sort of put them together unlike the rest of the art/craft world with artistic statements of intent and full follow through!  It’s nice to be happy with the result though.

Saori inlay

silk Inlay shapes

Ombre gradations in weaving

I just love the colour gradations in this weave. This is the first fully completed handwoven cloth by my daughter Michelle. She is 30 years old soon and sometimes textile love can take that long to come around. So don’t worry if your little ones have no interest whatsoever in your loom or that yarn hanging around the kitchen. I recently saw a photo on instagram of a weaver with their new little one asleep under the loom. This so reminded me of how my daughters lived around the loom in the lounge room as they were growing up.

Michelle wanted gradations of colour and didn’t want any texture as such. Some people don’t go for the high texture weaves that we lap up in Saori weaving. So this work was completely focussed on the colourway.  It became the most beautiful wearable cowl. She used a transitional colour method so one shade blended into the next. See how it’s done here.

Another previous visitor to the studio, Katie, had previously created a complete rainbow ombre cloth with graduations through all colours. And then you can’t go past my 11 year old niece’s stunning pinky/orange rendition of the technique. It’s addictive.