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East Timor Hearts Fund for 2016

EastTimorHeartsFund2016I began this year looking at how a heart can be broken and if it can ever be mended.  Then I found a group really helping young people with physically broken hearts that can be mended and given a new and prolonged life. The East Timor Hearts fund does this and more and I tried to support them throughout 2016 with the help of sales from you, my customers.

The heart and its stirrings, losses and vulnerabilities as well as its surprising and unexpected strengths are with all of us every day. I’ve learnt a lot about the heart this year and I hope that our contribution of $1003.00  has been helpful to the East Timor Hearts Fund and helps to make some kind of difference to someone. I want to thank every person who purchased weave tools and accessories, as well as all who have come to my studio and to my travelling workshops participants in 2016.

heartWishing all a very peaceful, happy Christmas, and a very weaverly/creative, healthy and loving New Year.

The heart needs help

EastTimorHeartsFund2016It turns out there is a little we can do as weavers to make the world a better place. Little can bring enormous to others and I’m pleased to donate 10% of profits, from you,  in 2016 to the East Timor Hearts Fund. This organisation really does save lives and after reading the ABC story I realised it ticked all of the boxes to help make the world a better place for a few.

East Timor is home to some of the greatest and highly skilled weavers in the world. See a previous blog entry about the newest nation. Highly complex weaving is still done within communities there. The fact that the fund assists hearts is also significant. The heart is a great source of the human spirit and is capable of loving and being broken…both physically and metaphorically. It is the source of many of our decisions and the human organ that needs the most protection throughout life. It makes us live and can give a reason to life. It is why we weave and is often used to describe how we approach Saori free style weaving.  I hope you’ll join me in weaving to save hearts in East Timor.

The East Timor Hearts Fund is a medical aid charity dedicated to providing life-saving heart surgery in Australia for young people from Timor-Leste.