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It’s official. We’re getting wider…the arrival of the WX90

WX90 weaving loomThe WX90 has just been released for customers interested in w i d e. I’m not a wide cloth girl and always looking to narrow cloth for dynamic design when I join it and for the limits on my body when I’m weaving it. After many years of weaving wide I found that 40-60cms was the comfy width for me. However I am a bit taken aback by the WX90.  As it is the same simple counterbalance two shaft system of the WX60 looms with the normal chair height, (unlike the big European floor looms) it is quite delightful, easy on the body and fast for weaving.  It also folds up and out of the way like the WX and SX60’s. 

wx90cwOf course wider means using more yarn. The warps use more yarn and the weaving does too.  But the loom will certainly be a great fit for many weavers out there doing two shaft weaving for wraps, baby wearing designs, small blankets and simple coat style garments.  The loom allows 90cms in total width in the reed.  There will be pre-wounds available and also 4 shaft conversion kits but everything including the loom is a special order at this time.

I took the loom for a run on a wide cloth x 6 metres and it is weaving up very fast with the light, gravity tandem of the counterbalanced action. The warp went on like a dream and everything just worked! This test warp was set with a 4 dents per centimetre in the 5dpc reed which comes with the loom.  To do this just thread the reed dents (slots) with a 1,1,1,0, configuration and your sett will be wider and lighter which is great for thicker yarns.