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Sakiori Summer Weaving

I think my summer weaving is going to be centred  around striping up fabric to weave. I really can’t feel right about throwing out old worn sheets and they either become painting drop sheets or yarn for weaving. With this lot I cram dyed them so I got blended colours  that didn’t have that flat one colour look. As I am weaving with two shafts on my Saori loom I felt it needed that to lift it with the textured work.  With more complex weaving it is easier to introduce interest in other ways. Although I look to Japanese Sakiori weaving for inspiration especially for clothing, when it comes to fabric for interiors I think the Swedish tradition is deeper.

I tore the strips to 15mm wide because the first weaving will be for cushions and interior textiles. The fabric, although soft through wear, still has some bite to it for a sturdy and heavier fabric.  I cut the lengths in the continuous (Mintie wrapper) way that is also used with the Saori Sakiori cutter. That worked well in this situation, although I have been known to splice each end if and when I don’t want a texture bump. 

It’s great fun weaving with strips of fabric, relaxing and productive too. As fitted sheets wear out faster than the others we can cut up our bed linen more regularly!


The Smell of Wool: Are we Missing Something?

shearing at BendigoBack from the Bendigo Wool and Sheep show. At the 1000km mark on the way down I wondered “What was I thinking?” but it was really great and worth the road trip to meet up with other like minded weavers and yarn lovers.

We had the opportunity this time to actually look around at the show  and in particular the hall of sheep, sheep shearing and prize winning fleeces. When I walked into the shearing shed I was overcome by the smell of wool, something I can’t convey due to the limits of the internet.  So familiar and comforting  bringing back memories of my first days of spinning, when my daughters were very young and when getting hold of a raw fleece was the only way to spin! No pre-cleaned and dyed coloured batts or rovings. Anyway it was compulsory to spin in the grease with the natural lanolin and get tetanus injections every few years- wonder what happened to those ‘rules’. Well, I really do know what happened to them. They were based on what we needed or aspired to at the time.The ultimate being a garment that would last for years of wear and fit for its purpose. Now we’re mainly creating for a much different purpose. Read more

The language of yarn


Yarn seems to have its own interminable language. Most of the time we have to apply non-yarny and evocative words or just make them up. Yarn (and relatives like string) make me so happy. Rather like a drug. And although I haven’t sold my house to buy some luscious expensive yarn YET, I can see the sense of it which is surely the first sign of total addiction.

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