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Dye, Soak and Care

Bengala Dyes

Set A

Set B

Set C

Curiousweaver studio has a limited number of natural Bengala mineral dyes. No mordant or hot water required. Just knead the fabric in water for the dye to take. Will dye cotton, linen, hemp, ramie, paper, rayon, viscose, wool and silk.  Great for shibori work. Absolutely beautiful natural shades.

Try out the dyes with these sets of three. Each bottle should dye approx 100 – 130g of dry weight, so about 3 scarves or warps. Set A, set B and Set B. English instruction included  $52.00 a set 

Pre fixer 50ml – $19.00


Bengala 200ml

For more lovely dyeing there are a few larger packets of 200mls dye. Dyes between 600-800g of dry weight. See colour chart of available dyes. English instruction included. Can use with the pre-fixer for stronger shades. $57.00.




Soak wash

Handwovens deserve gentle care once they are finished and on their wearing life adventure. I’m very happy to stock Soak products which will certainly provide that. This product is rinse free and environmentally friendly.  It comes in several different scents including scentless. See more about soak here.

How it works:

Just Soak and squeeze. No need to rinse. Lay weaves flat to dry. 

Soak wash is made with plant derived and renewable ingredients, biodegradable, phosphate-free, dye-free, sulphate-free
safe for hand or machine washing.

Soak wash 90mls. Gives 18+ washes. Great for travel or the gift that goes with your Saori handwoven. Available in Celebration, Fig and Scentless. $13.00 ea

Soak wash 375mls. Gives 75+ washes. Available in Celebration, Scentless and Yuzu scents. $22.00 ea

Soak wash in single use sachets.  Available in Celebration, Scentless scents. $1.50 ea.