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Beautiful looms for weavers and crafters

Saori looms are very compact floor looms with an array of easy-to-use accessories.  Available as foldable or small “footprint’ space saving styles the looms fit into any home. They can be transported and moved around easily but are capable of weaving long lengths suited to clothing and interior textiles similar to much larger looms. With our busy, rushed lifestyles the Saori system of weaving lets you spend most of your creative energy at a loom weaving and relaxing rather than preparing to weave.

Imported from Sakaiseiki in Japan, a Saori loom is an investment in creativity that won’t devalue or become outdated over time. See how the loom works!

Curiousweaver Studio has all of the Saori looms available to see and try – WX60, SX60, WX90, Saori CH60 and Piccolo40.  The 4 shaft loom is also available. All prices are Australian GST inclusive. See a comparison of all the looms.

Extras and included support

All unassembled looms purchased from Curiousweaver include Australian assembly instructions with video assembly support and a video tutorials on how to warp the loom with a Saori pre-wound warp. If you have previously purchased a loom and would like access to the video tutorial please contact Kaz.

SAORI WX60 Folding Loom

This beautifully designed wooden two shaft loom is a dream to weave on. Designed especially for weavers and crafters today who are busy and need to relax in comfort at the loom while creating unique textiles.

The WX60 loom is compact, folding and portable. Only 23cms in depth when folded. Perfect to stow away in an instant.

The loom is operated by two very lightweight foot pedals so there is no fiddling with levers to operate the loom, keeping your hands free to focus on colour, weaving and creating.

You can purchase the WX60 loom assembled or assemble yourself.   New full detailed Australian instructions  with support video are included in assembly instructionsThe assembled loom can be sent by freighter or picked up at Curiousweaver studio where you can learn to thread the loom too.

Main features:

  • Light weight wooden birch frame – 12.3 kg
  • Warp control system to wind on your weaving from the sitting position.
  • Long distance from breast beam to reed to see more of your weaving and designs as you go.
  • Harness cord stoppers are included on the loom.
  • Wide reed racer depth allowing a easier glide for the boat shuttle in weaving.
  • Also included is over $300.00 extras not normally included with other brand looms. The on-board bobbin winder, 15 plastic bobbins and a boat shuttle, 5dpc (12dpi) stainless steel reed, reed hook, heddle hook, built in shelf, 400 wire heddles on 2 shafts, foot controlled warp control lever/brake release and a 150 thread (30cms in width)  x 6 metre long pre-wound black cotton warp (this is threaded on the assembled unit).
  • clipping rod is included with the loom. Attach your weaving threads F A S T.

The WX60 loom has additional optional features such as loom wheels to easily roll it around in the folded position and heighteners to add another 5cms or 10cms to the loom height if required. A four shaft conversion kit can also be added.

For more details see here.

WX60 Folding Loom – unassembled.  $1980.00.   ($30 – $200 delivery at cost in Australia) In Stock. 

WX60 loom assembled and shipped anywhere in Australia $2097.00 (please contact for freight quote)

WX60 loom assembled and picked up at Curiousweaver Studio, Old Bar NSW. Includes a 2 hour threading and getting to know your loom session. $2097.00


SAORI SX60 Folding Loom

This loom comes fully assembled.

Compact, folding and portable. Only 23cms in depth when folded.
This beautifully designed two shaft loom is made from metal tubing with wooden components. It comes with an on-board bobbin winder, reed, reed hook, heddle hook, a clipping rod, a built in shelf, boat shuttle, bobbins, 400 wire heddles, a foot controlled warp control lever (brake release) to wind on where you sit and a ready-to-go pre-wound warp.  (Warp is 30 cms wide x 6 metres) Loom is fully assembled and threaded ready to weave on.
All accessories and pre-wound warps are shared with the WX60 loom. 

See the detail here. $2042.00 in stock


The SX60H with increased floor to breast beam height is also available by special order. This is made from metal tubing and is fully assembled. The breast beam is 5cm higher than the SX60 above and has space for second optional warp beam. Good for enjoying double beam weaving effects, for example exploring different tensions in textiles. This is a special order.

Four Shaft Conversion Kit

All looms (except the Piccolo) have the option of a four shaft conversion kit. You can convert the loom into a four shaft loom in 15 minutes.  You can then weave any four shaft pattern such as twills, waffle weave and double weave.

The loom will then have six pedals with a simple clip tie up and wide shed action.  The four shaft spring system is a sinking shed system. This means when you depress one of the pedals, the shafts tied to this pedal will come down whilst the others stay where they are. This allows smooth shed openings even when an unbalanced weave pattern tie up is used, e.g. 1/3 twill. You can easily convert the loom to a two shaft by removing two of the shafts (with care) or simply thread the plain weave pattern through all the four shafts. See the loom with four shafts   $680.00  In stock

Also available are cords to suit higher looms – 5cm or 10cm higher – $60.00 for the set of 12.

Two looms in one for a fraction of the price

Saori looms are enriched with the  the addition of an optional ‘inside set’ consisting of two extra shafts, paper pipe, back rod and cord, clipping rod and a reed.  This really gives you two looms in one and saves so much energy and time!

A warp can be removed from the loom and another put on in its place at any time. You can share a loom  or just change over projects for a fresh change while preserving all the threading and set up of each project. See how to remove and re-attach an inside set.  In stock. $471.00. Also available for the Piccolo  $323.00


Extended Features for all looms

You can learn to create your own coloured warps or simply purchase additional pre-wound warps which come in a variety of widths to suit clothing, scarves, banners, tablerunners and belts, and a range of lengths – 6, 12, 20 and 30 metres. This gives you the ability to weave many items on the same warp. See more in Accessories.


WX90 loom

Saori WX90 – W I D E

The WX90 is now available for special order. The same beautiful two shaft counterbalanced system and folding style as the WX60 loom but wider at 90cms in weaving width. See my first warp up and weave with it. Comes with a 5dpc stainless steel reed, built in bobbin winder, shelf, two shafts each with 315 nickel plated wire heddles with large eyes, a clipping rod, warp control pedal with hand lever attachment, reed and heddle hooks,  boat shuttle, packet of 15 bobbins, tying rod and cords.  (note: a pre-wound warp or paper pipe is not included with this model).  The loom requires assembly and has good Australian instructions and some support video.  This loom is a special order only, although I currently have stock.  $3135.00 Special order

Loom height extenders and wheels can also be added as options. This loom also has Kenzo’s new warping system and 4 shaft conversion kits available. Please inquire.

Also recommended as an additional accessory  – Winding lever for the cloth beam – $31.00

Also available assembled for pick up only at Curiousweaver Studio – $3232.00. Includes a 2 hour threading and getting to know your loom session.


SAORI CH60  Traditional Style


This beautiful and sturdy non-foldable traditional loom is perfect for that small loom space which doesn’t need to be stowed away or transported. The high quality birch wood two shaft loom arrives with an on-board bobbin winder, reed, reed hook, heddle hook, a built in shelf, boat shuttle, clipping rod, bobbins, 400 wire heddles with larger holes, a hand operated warp control lever (brake release) to wind on where you sit and a ready-to-go pre-wound warp (threaded on arrival).  Requires some assembly. An optional leg attachment is also available to raise the height of the loom by 5 cms. See here for more detail.  $2157.00 in stock
A four shaft kit can also be added to this loom.


Saori CH60A – Accessible Loom

This loom is the same as the one above but has an adjustable height which can be used to provide wheelchair access. Also great for taller weavers. See more detail .  Also see more information on accessibility adaptation tools for the loom.






Piccolo 40 Loom

The Saori Piccolo 40 loom is the ultimate lightweight and travel floor loom.  It features a 2 shaft counterbalance loom with two floor pedals in a chrome plated metal finish. Easy to fold and weighing only 7 kilos. The on-board bobbin winder can be removed and used at a table too.  It’s the loom to take out and about. It’s the loom to spread weaving around. Has two adjustable heights – one suitable for a child the other for you! See more detail.

New model has  built-in shelf, clamp, bobbin winder, medium shuttle, a pack of plastic bobbins, reed and heddle hook, tying rod with cords, a threaded 100 thread x 6 metre pre wound warp and a  clipping rod.   $1468.00 plus freight.

You will receive a complimentary Curiousweaver pattern for making a travelling Piccolo carry bag too. An inside set is also available –  $323.00. Loom is freighted fully assembled. In Stock.


Compare the looms

See Saori Loom Comparison chart 2018 for further specifications and information on the differences between the looms.

Postage/Shipping costs are not included in any prices. Australian 10% GST is included in all prices.  Please contact Curiousweaver or see How to Order. Note: Prices are subject to change at any time.