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Pre Loved Tools and Accessories

MFSpindlesMalcolm Fielding Drop Spindles

#11 Released 2015. Weight 23g. Length including hook 24.5 cms, whorl diameter 45mm. The wood is one of the rarest Australian woods, known as Montana. Grows in arid areas of far north Queensland. Hook is sterling silver Shaft is Dymondwood. $60.00 including postage anywhere in Australia.

#12 Released 2015. Weight 35g. Length including hook 27.5 cms, whorl diameter 55mm. This is a long shaft medium size, medium weight drop spindle. The wood is the rare Australian wood Purple Gidgee.  This is a species of acacia and grows in Queensland. Hook is sterling silver. Shaft is dymondwood. $60.00 including postage anywhere in Australia.

Six recent Spin-Off Magazines

spinoffFall 2105, 2016

Winter 2016, 2017

Spring 2016, Summer 2016

As new condition, $50.00 including postage anywhere in Australia