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Removing an Inside Set

The SAORI ‘inside set’ is one of the most versatile features of the SAORI looms. From one loom you can have many projects ongoing on many different warps. Use a set for your children to weave on while your weaving can continue uninterrupted. You can use a pre-wound warp or your own custom warp on the set.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Prepare three x 1metre strips of cord or wrapping tape which will allow knots to slip undone easily.  It’s good if these are reusable.
  2. Attach one of these cords to the beaters metal upright to prevent the beater collapsing into the shaft area once the beater cap is removed.
  3. Remove beater cap.
  4. Remove warp beam and warp then roll up to the back of the heddles.
  5. Tie up the whole set with the other two strips of cord. Go under the warp, through the heddles and under the reed, over the reed, through the heddles and back around the warp and tie a knot that is secure but easy to undo.
  6. Remove the shafts by unhooking the hooks on each of them. Unhook the floor pedal. Voila – you can now remove the entire warp, shafts and reed.

To place the inside set back on the loom reverse these instructions. Just make sure that the coloured edges of the heddles are at the top of the inside set.

 Note:  Since making this video I think that an improvement is making sure the top of the shafts are also included in tying up the inside set to secure it. Kenzo Jo does this similarly and it is more secure.

Saori inside set