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Saori Loom Instructions

How to weave a three colour clasped weft – method 2 – without shading.


See how to weave with some simple introductory techniques on the Saori loom, how to tie on without a clipping rod (16:40). In French. Published by Loop of the Loom Saori Studio NY, USA.

Enjoy weaving the Saori Way – Ideas for weaving

Learn how to use the Saori Clipping rod.

How to ply yarns with the bobbin winder on the Saori loom to produce interesting twisted effects like a faux twill in the weave.

Video by Saori Japan on how to attach a Saori Prewound warp.

How to use the Sakiori Cutter to cut rag/cloth yarns.

How to use the Sakiori shuttle to weave with rag/cloth yarn.

How to wind up to five threads (or more) at at time when warping. Suited to the Saori warping board but can also be improvised. Speedy for one colour or limited change colour warps. By Dianne McNamara – Inklings Weaver

An inspiring video on Chiaki O’Brien from Studio Fun Saori Studio in Minnesota USA.

An interview with Rose Green of Saorimor in Wales, UK by Yuko Howes. Shows weaving in action on a SX60 loom in the studio.

A nice explanatory video on using 4 shaft (or more) loom controlled patterning in random inlay fashion.