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Saori Piccolo Loom

The Saori Piccolo 40 loom is the ultimate lightweight and travel floor loom.  It features a two shaft counterbalance system with two floor pedals in a chrome plated metal finish. Easy to fold and weighing only 7 kilos.

The loom offers  two easy to adjust height settings. One for smaller children to enjoy and the other just shy (1cm) of the standard Saori SX60 and WX60 height. It includes a 5dpc (12dpi) reed, 200 wire heddles, a warp control lever at the front of the loom, a clipping rod, a tying rod with cords, a medium shuttle, a packet of plastic bobbins, a reed and heddle hook and a pre-wound 100 x 6metre warp. The loom is fully assembled and already threaded with the included pre-wound warp. The loom also includes a built in shelf, a clamp to lock the loom in folding position and an on-board bobin winder which is also detachable to use at a table.

Make a Travelling Piccolo Loom Carry Bag to make it the world’s most portable floor loom.This pattern is complimentary to all Piccolo customers in Australia.

Loom specifications:

Width: 55cm

Depth: 56cm (height 1)  and 74cm (height 2)      Folded depth: 15cm

Full height: 81.5cm (height 1) and 91.5cms (height 2)  

Weaving height from ground to top of front beam (height 2) is 67cms

Weight: 7 kilos

Weaving width: 40cms

See the loom in action with my great niece, Ayla.


Fully assembled arrival!

The two height settings of the Piccolo

Piccolo folded when you are weaving on the move

The bobbin winder is also detachable

Detachable bobbin winder (Clamps included)

Clamp ‘locks’ loom when folded

Release the warp beam brake from the front of the loom

Weaving on the Piccolo

New Piccolo shafts

New Piccolo40 shafts with wooden sides


For further information contact Kaz Madigan – Curiousweaver or see How to Order.