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Small Pack Yarn Sale

Small pack stash starters!

These packs are a selection of cotton, wool, mohair, elastic yarns etc. The weight of yarn on each cone can vary and the total yarn weight of each pack is shown.  All yarns are fine quality Saori yarns from Japan. Click on each photo to see the yarns in detail.

Start up and weave packs

Pack 001

Cottons and rayon mix textured and straight plies. Total 440g. $63.00





Pack 002

Cottons and rayon mix with textured slubs. Total 440g. $63.00




Pack 003

One cotton cone and one pure wool (brown tipped cone). Total 259g. $39.00






Pack 004

Two cones cotton/rayon mix, one cone synthetic kasuri style colour and one cone wool. Totals 313g. $37.50




Pack 005

Two cones cotton. Total 309g. $40.00





Pack 006

One cone soft, pale pink, Japanese paper (suitable for clothing) and two cones of cotton – one cotton tape and cotton texture. Totals 410g. $62.00





Pack 007

One cone soft, Japanese paper (suitable for clothing) and two cones of cotton – one slub and one straight. Totals 457g. $65.00





Pack 008

Three cones of cotton. Totals 398g. $62.00.





Pack 009

Three cones of blue cotton. Totals 410g. $62.00.




Pack 010

Two cones of cotton and cotton/rayon mix. One cone of wool. Totals 358g. $50.00.





Pack 011

One cone of wool, two cones of mohair. Totals 319g. $45.00.






Pack 012

Two cones of mohair/acrylic and one cone of wool. Totals 216g. $30.00.





Pack 013 

Two cones of wool. Totals 270g. $40.00.








Pack 014

Two cones of wool. Totals 290g. $43.00.






Pack 015

Two cones of wool. Totals 230g. $35.00.







Pack 016

Three cones of wool. Totals 425g. $62.00.





Pack 017

Two cones of wool. One with kasuri style dye. Totals 280g. $40.00.








Pack 018

One cone of kasuri style dye wool. Totals 125g. $20.00.








Pack 019

Two cones of wool. Totals 182g. $25.00.








Hand dyed Cotton Chenille

These 100g hanks of cotton chenille are hand painted with fibre reactive dyes which give excellent colourfastness and light fastness. Each are 100g and 200metres. The yarn within a woven cloth produces a velvet like appearance and drapes very well. Check out this good advice   Only one of each hank.



Hank CC010

100g/200m $23.50




Hank CC011

100g/200m $23.50



Hank CC012

100g/200m $23.50





Hank CC013

100g/200m $23.50




Hank CC014

100g/200m $23.50




Hank CC016

100g/200m $23.50




Hank CC018

100g/200m $23.50



All costs are GST inclusive (10%). Postage/Shipping costs are not included in any prices. Please contact Curiousweaver or see How to Order.