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All Saori Products


SAORI LOOMS – These beautiful compact, easy to use looms are available in a variety of styles. There are folding, portable styles and styles which allow wheelchair access. See the  Saori loom comparison chart.

All come with an on-board bobbin winder, reed, reed hook, heddle hook, a built in shelf, boat shuttle, bobbins, a warp control lever to wind on where you sit and a ready-to-go prewound warp. Over $300.00 worth of extras not normally included with loom purchases.  This means you can get weaving and creating immediately. Find out more about the looms.



ACCESSORIES – Shuttles, the inventive spindle-less shuttle – great for children and extra bobbins to cover a colour for every mood. The auto denter, comb reed, cross box, threading holder and clipping rod all make weaving a joy.

Find out more on the accesories.






YARNS – Yarn is the building material for a textile. It’s important to choose colours which feel good for you. Having a good mix of colours allow you enjoy weaving with little pre planning except to relax and ‘play’.

We supply weave palettes of colour sets in cotton and wool.

See the stock yarn sets in wool and cotton.

or see the small yarn packs available.




BOOKS – For inspiration and motivation. Books to learn about Saori weaving and the philosophy that drives it.

See the books.






READY TO GO WARPS – These pre-wound warps save you the time involved in creating warps. Available in a number of widths and lengths for all purposes. Create a table runner, scarf, banner, belt or clothing all on the one long warp! Available in cotton or wool.

See more about the Ready-to-go warps.


Postage/Shipping costs are not included in these prices. Please contact Curiousweaver or see How to Order.
Note: Prices are subject to change at any time.