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curiousweaver JournalI have several tutorials that are available for download on PDF. These are free to use for personal use but if you want to use this material in any other way please contact me first.

I published and edited Curious Weaver Journal for handweavers, spinners, dyers and braiders for two years (1995-1996).  All of the journals are available here. Following are a selection of articles from the journals and other various tutorials of interest to weavers.




Easy patternmaking from narrow fabrics Mompei Pants Japanese Field Pants. Chris Jakku/Lucas. (PDF 189k)

Inkle weaving for beginners Woven Ribbons An Inkling for Weaving. Karen Madigan (PDF 375k)

Krokbragd on the Side 3 shaft weaving on the Inkle loom – Karen Madigan (PDF 168k)

Japanese Card Braiding Wonderful braids and patterns on cardboard, excellent for children, teens and much older. Ursula Wohnlich (PDF 167k)

Nepalese Tapestry Sashes Striking plain weave patterned sashes. Karen Madigan (PDF 161k)

Pyramid Christmas Tree Decorations Use small leftovers of handwoven textile to create these little tree decoration which can be folded into an envelope and posted as a gift. Karen Madigan. (PDF 84k)

Dyeing for Weavers A beginners guide to dyeing cellulose fibres with fibre reactive dyes. Karen Madigan. (PDF 338k)

Warp Painting Easy ideas for rainbow warps. Karen Madigan. (PDF 70k)



Board Loom Weaving. This is a chapter from The Australian Weaving Book. It explains how to set up and weave a project on a simple cardboard loom. Great intro to weaving or a portable project. Karen Madigan (PDF 473k)

Frame Loom Weaving. This is another chapter from The Australian Weaving Book.It has instructions for how to make a frame loom and how to create the two simple sheds for weaving on it. Great for todays weaving style for interiors. Karen Madigan (PDF 3mb)

T-Shirt Yarns Complete booklet on how to create yarns from t-shirt fabric and knits. Inspired by Catherine Micks (Canada) workshop. Karen Madigan. (PDF 1.5mb)

The Raw Guide Introductory weave brochure written for Threads of Life, Bali, Indonesia for weave tour. Karen Madigan (PDF 976k)

Saori Self Discovery Through Free Weaving. Written for complex weavers. Karen Madigan (PDF 321k)