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curiousweaver JournalI have several tutorials that are available for download on PDF. These are free to use for personal use but if you want to use this material in any other way please contact me first.

I published and edited Curious Weaver Journal for handweavers, spinners, dyers and braiders for two years (1995-1996).  All of the journals are available here. Following are a selection of articles from the journals and other various tutorials of interest to weavers.




Easy patternmaking from narrow fabrics Mompei Pants Japanese Field Pants. Chris Jakku/Lucas. (PDF 189k)

Inkle weaving for beginners Woven Ribbons An Inkling for Weaving. Karen Madigan (PDF 375k)

Krokbragd on the Side 3 shaft weaving on the Inkle loom – Karen Madigan (PDF 168k)

Japanese Card Braiding Wonderful braids and patterns on cardboard, excellent for children, teens and much older. Ursula Wohnlich (PDF 167k)

Nepalese Tapestry Sashes Striking plain weave patterned sashes. Karen Madigan (PDF 161k)

Pyramid Christmas Tree Decorations Use small leftovers of handwoven textile to create these little tree decoration which can be folded into an envelope and posted as a gift. Karen Madigan. (PDF 84k)

Dyeing for Weavers A beginners guide to dyeing cellulose fibres with fibre reactive dyes. Karen Madigan. (PDF 338k)

Warp Painting Easy ideas for rainbow warps. Karen Madigan. (PDF 70k)



Board Loom Weaving. This is a chapter from The Australian Weaving Book. It explains how to set up and weave a project on a simple cardboard loom. Great intro to weaving or a portable project. Karen Madigan (PDF 473k)

Frame Loom Weaving. This is another chapter from The Australian Weaving Book.It has instructions for how to make a frame loom and how to create the two simple sheds for weaving on it. Great for todays weaving style for interiors. Karen Madigan (PDF 3mb)

T-Shirt Yarns Complete booklet on how to create yarns from t-shirt fabric and knits. Inspired by Catherine Micks (Canada) workshop. Karen Madigan. (PDF 1.5mb)

The Raw Guide Introductory weave brochure written for Threads of Life, Bali, Indonesia for weave tour. Karen Madigan (PDF 976k)

Saori Self Discovery Through Free Weaving. Written for complex weavers. Karen Madigan (PDF 321k)

Tutorials and Articles

These are articles or book chapters I have written for download.

For your enjoyment, here are the full texts of the five published Curiousweaver journals 1994-1996, available for download. I published these to promote and share weaving in the Australasian region, so some articles are pertinent to Australia, particularly on dyeing. Additionally, some individual articles are at the end of this page for download. The PDF quality of the files has been reduced for faster download.
The work is copyrighted but you are free to use all for personal use. If you want to use any of the articles as photocopies in teaching etc, please let me know.

Curiousweaver Issue 1 November 1994 PDF 225k
This first issue features:

  • Paper Woven Stationery
  • Weft Kasuri Introduction
  • A Japanese Vest
  • Chinese Knotting

Curiousweaver Issue 2 May 1995 PDF 410k
This second issue features:

  • Make your Own Weaving Tools
  • Backstrap Loom Weaving
  • Furred and Zebra Cords of the Andes
  • A Bush Garden for Spinners and Weavers
  • Pre-historic Thigh Spinning
  • Double Weave – Pocket Weave
  • Sequin Sash
  • Lavender Sachets
  • Creating Silk Paper

Curiousweaver Issue 3 November 1995 PDF 570k 20 pages.
This third issue features:

  • Japanese Card Braiding
  • Marudai Japanese Braiding
  • Pyramid Christmas Tree Decorations
  • Make your own Weaving Equipment
  • Native Dye Plant Garden at the Top End
  • Cramming and Spacing
  • Bedouin Saha Weave
  • Nepalese Tapestry Sash
  • Chinese ‘Double Coin’ Knot

Curiousweaver Issue 4 May 1996 PDF 1044k 24 pages.
This fourth issue features:

  • Dyeing for Weavers
  • Warp Painting
  • Shisha Mirrors
  • Painting Woollen Warps
  • Japanese Mompei Pants
  • Woven Ribbons
  • Design Games
  • Tapestry – The Soul of Weaving

Curiousweaver Issue 5 November 1996 PDF 669k 24 pages.
This fifth issue features:

  • Krokbragd on the Side (3 shaft weaving on the Inkle loom)
  • Alpacas in Australia
  • Carding and Blending
  • Colour and Weave
  • Kumihimo Japanese Braiding
  • The edge in Tapestry
  • Weavers Notebook
  • To Cut or Not to Cut
  • Looking at Other Weavers (in Australia)

Celtic Knot Inkle PDF 12k
This file contains a threading and pattern for a ‘staggered’ set up on an inkle loom for a celtic knot pattern as explained by Sara Lamb on her blog and illustrated on my Celtic Knotwork for Textiles blog entry. Also see Tracy DeGarmos web site for a further description of knotwork. The pattern is easy to set up and a delight to weave.

Kilim Design Template in Word
This is a template containing design squares and triangles that can be used to design a kilim. See Making Flowers in Your Brain post for information on how to enable the grid on screen in Word. Generally a frame or board loom can be used to create these designs using tapestry weaving techniques.
The photograph illustrates a primary school student developing board weaving skills by weaving a plain weave bookmark.

Board Loom Weaving PDF 473k.
This is the complete Chapter 5 from The Australian Weaving Book by Karen Madigan. This is a very easy introduction to weaving projects using a technique which requires little equipment. Stiff board or cardboard is simply prepared and warped to produce functional, beautiful projects. Great for beginner projects.

Saori Weaving PDF 321k
Self Discovery through Free Weaving. This is an article written for Complex Weavers USA. It describes the concept and general techniques of Saori Weaving – a very accessible form of weaving and creativity for all.

T-Shirt Yarns
Complete published booklet on how to create yarns from stretch fabrics. This little introduction is based on Catherine Mick’s work in creating yarns from T-shirt stretch fabrics. These can be used in knitting, weaving, crochet or spinning. Karen Madigan. Published in 1988. PDF 1503k

The Raw Guide to Weaving PDF 976k.
Introductory instructions on weaving by backstrap in Indonesia with particular reference to Sumbanese weaving. This developed when I went on a textile tour to Bali. For more information see The Threads of Life.

Biripi Weavers
A blog for 2005 following a group women from Biripi country, (Manning region NSW) creating baskets and weaving.

I published the Curious Weaver Journal in 1995 and 1996. Below are some articles to download in PDF format:

Nepalese Tapestry Sashes
How to make an authentic Nepalese Sash. Karen Madigan. PDF 161k.

Dyeing for Weavers
A beginners guide to fibre reactives for cellulose fibres. Karen Madigan. PDF 338k.

Warp Painting
Easy Ideas for Rainbow Warps. Karen Madigan. PDF 70k (These two articles relate directly to each other)

Krokbragd on the Side
Modifying the inkle loom to produce this 3 shaft weave. Karen Madigan. PDF 168k.

Japanese Card Braiding
How to create beautiful braids with a braiding card. Ursula Wohnlich. PDF 167k

Mompei Pants
Easy Japanese Field pant pattern from narrow widith fabrics. Chris Jakku. PDF 189k.

Pyramid Christmas Tree Decorations
Easy Christmas Tree decorations using a yarn winding technique in mercerised cotton.
Karen Madigan. PDF 84k.

Woven Ribbons
Beginners Inkle Loom Weaving. Karen Madigan. PDF 375k.